We solve the problem of absence phone calls.

school dispatch texting solution for school absences

We help schools with absences, late arrivals, & early dismissals…ELIMINATING phone calls through automated text messaging.


How it works

It’s simple. Parents text absences, late arrivals, & early dismissals (they LOVE it!). Our system verifies the information and your attendance staff receives a live feed.


No more phone calls…which saves tons of time! More and more parents prefer texting AND your staff won’t have to answer the phone or listen to voicemails regarding absences, freeing up their time for more important activities.

Transparent Pricing

Many software providers hide pricing until the last minute. Not us. Your cost is $6 per student plus a one-time setup fee of $1,499. That’s it.

school dispatch texting solution

About Us

Dispatch was created by an 8th grade teacher who saw what a hassle it was for staff to be fielding so many calls all day. Her vision will make you a hero at your school!